"Pinwheels in My Garden"

Sure there will be great golf at the Bobbie Salmon tournament, of course the menu for dinner has been finalized and the gifts keep coming in for the silent auction.  But did you know that there is a raffle for a beautiful queen sized quilt.  This gorgeous handmade piece of art is one of a kind treasure that you won't want to to miss buying a chance to win. 

And the tickets are being offered at the screaming great rate of only $5.00 each or 5 tickets for $20. 

Get your tickets today at The Links Golf Club....because after July 16th you will no longer have a chance to win this lovely keepsake.

The Prizes Keep Rolling In

The procurement team is doing a great job and many great auction items are starting to roll in. And what is extra great is that there are a wide variety of items at all sorts of price points. We have got wine trios, hotel packages, gardening aprons, farm fresh eggs, marketing packages, jewelry, spa packages, handmade quilts, haircuts, pizza, tickets to sporting events, collectibles, silk scarves, movie packages, folding chairs, more jewelry, home d├ęcor items…and each day we get more items. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to buy these great items…and the best part….100% of the proceeds goes to a GREAT cause!

Did You Know There Was an Auction?

Oh sure, the day will be filled with mandatory golf frivolity. Long drives, short chips, missed putts, hole in ones, slices, hooks, screamers and whiffs. But did you know that after the golf is done is when the real fun begins? That is when the silent auction begins and you have a chance to snap up some cool swag. Doesn’t matter if you are buying for yourself or with someone else in mind, 100% of proceeds will go toward our goal to fund research for the cure of scleroderma.  Here is just a short list of some of the items that will be up for bid:
  • A set of Adams Golf Clubs donated by Wendy Ward

  • Rounds of Golf at Old Works Golf Course in Anaconda, MT

  • Overnight hotel stays
  • A Handmade Quilt 

  • Boot Camp sessions

  • Dinner Certificates to a wide variety of restaurants

  • Signed basketballs….wait till you see which team

  • Gift baskets

  • Salon treatments
 And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for the announcement of more exciting prizes and plan to bring your wallet to the post tournament activities. We can think of a better reason to shop ‘til you drop.

A Special Note from Bobbi

Bobbi Salmon here, can you believe how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends to put on a golf tournament that benefits a disease that most people have never heard of?  I have been living with scleroderma for more than 8 years and will not give up hope for a cure. This tournament raises money for research and we need your help to make it another success. Whether you play, come for dinner, or just make a donation come join us for a day of food, fun and surprises....I'll be there and look forward to meeting each and every one of you!!

Sign Up Today - Spots Will Fill Quickly

If you don't have a tiny pencil to fill out this entry form, simply call The Links Golf Club at 1-888-914-4653 and they would be happy to complete a form for you. 

Things Scleroderma People Do Differently

Scerloderma is a quiet disease.  Hardly ever talks about this hard-to-understand disease with a funny name.  You may see disfiguring signs that a person has this disease or you may not since it affects both internal and external parts of the body.  Nobody gives Scleroderma much thought until a doctor sits in front of you, holds your hands in his and tells you that the disease that you are now facing and can't pronounce is "progressive, without a cure at this time."  From that point on so many things change.  Here is an example of how life altering this prognosis can be:
  • I have to substitute clapping when we're at a basketball game because my fingers are bent so they aren't flat, to slap together; even if they weren't, my palms hurt to touch the other hand. So I'm the crazy one at the Zag games who wears her thick winter mittens and "pretend" to clap with them on; I feel I'm part of the action and nobody has had me committed yet either!
  • I drive all year around, wearing thick winter mittens so my fingers are able to more easily grip the steering wheel.
  • When I'm reading a book, I wear soft gloves so the page edges don't make my palms achy.
  • Scar tissue makes the opening to our mouths slowly narrow and thus it takes us longer and longer, to eat a meal. I realized this the first time I went out to lunch with the girls and discovered I was still halfway through my soup when they were ALL finished with everything and it was suddenly quiet...because they were sweetly waiting for ME?!? I nearly died of embarrassment! So if I NEED (only a need; not a fun thing any more) to go to a lunch, I order a roll or a small potato and work my way through it, while judging how quickly everyone else is done. Then I come home starved (but happy) and have a real lunch at my own pace.
  • Dentists have to take special care with us as it's so hard for them to see into and work on teeth at the back of our mouths. Sometimes they suggest sitting for 30 min. pre-appointment in the waiting room, with hot steamy cloths on our jaw joints, to soften them up, so our mouths open a little more.
  • If I am at a family dinner, I run out of breath trying to eat AND visit with them. My solution is to think ahead of questions they'd like to answer about their lives, and when I ask, then I can eat some bites, while they are talking. Otherwise, my limited breath makes visiting impossible.
  • Scleroderma has shrunk my upper lip so I no longer am able to grasp a straw, to drink something. I never realized you need BOTH lips to do that.


Even the Non-Golfers Have Fun at this Tournament

"The highlight of 2009 for me was the Bobbi Salmon Scleroderma Benefit Golf Tournament at The Links last July. Was that because of the sunny blue skies that day? Or the fabulous dinner enjoyed after golf? Maybe the excitement, laughter and anticipation for the Silent Auction? Perhaps keeping track of the golf scores? No...it was the tremendous feeling that for that one day, everyone there had heard of my weird (and life-threatening) disease, scleroderma, and I wasn't an oddball. To my complete delight, those crooked fingers of mine, strange skin color and altered facial expressions went unnoticed!! I didn't want to go home! Also, it was truly humbling to see so MANY people from all walks of life, there to contribute their valuable time, golf skills and monies toward finding a cure for this disease that doesn't effect their lives, but mine. I can't WAIT for THIS July's tournament to arrive! Don't miss out!"

Carlene Eneroth
Diagnosed with Scleroderma in  September, 2001